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Making Solar Simple

HelloSun is a partnership between you, us and the Brussels Region, helping the city go solar. A win-win partnership. Take part now!

This offer was made possible thanks to the Brussels Region.

How does it work?


HelloSun invests in the installation of up to 16 solar panels on your roof, takes care of the administrative steps and ensures follow-up for 10 years.

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You gain from the energy produced by the panels. Your meter "turns backward". HelloSun generates income from the green certificates issued through installation.

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1/6 of your gains provide for fully comprehensive cover. Back-up available in less than 72 hours, for the slightest of problems.

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You own the panels after 10 years and continue to benefit from the installation. The Brussels Region fulfils its green energy production commitment. It's a win-win.

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The Region's grants won't last forever

First come, first served

Only 12 months left

Installations receive Green Certificates for 10 years. Fantastic.
The financial conditions are guaranteed until
1st January 2020 only. Don't hang about.

Harness the sun's energy

8 to 16 solar panels on your roof, installed at our expense

  • Green electricity

  • Administrative support

  • 10 years' follow-up and maintenance

  • A greener city

I want to go solar
Tell us more about you.
It takes 2 minutes, and it's obligation-free.
Too good to be true?

What is this form of subsidies by the Region?

The Brussels Region rewards the production of green energy through production subsidies, known as Green Certificates (GC, French acronym CV) . A GC is an intangible title attributed for each megawatt hour (MWh) of green energy that's produced. This title has economic value and can be sold in specialised marketplaces.

Energy savings

I'm interested, how much can I save?

An average household pays 0.21 euro cents per kWh of electricity. A HelloSun installation will produce between 3000 and 4500 kWh per year on average. Your electricity meter runs in reverse and allows you to capture this production, earning you savings of up to 941€/year. Interested?Run a simulation.


What are the criteria for solar panel installation?

It's simple. You need to own your own roof. The building must be located in Brussels. Following that, orientation, roof structure and shade are taken into account. This means that a north-facing henhouse roof down the end of a small courtyard is best forgotten.

HelloSun = Energreen + SkySun

Savings for you, cleaner air for Brussels

HelloSun was born from Léopold, Arthur – co-founders of Skysun – and Alexis’ – director of Energreen shared desire to give Brussels and its inhabitants the opportunity to convert to solar energy, panic-free.

Danny Heeren 4

November 8 at 12:54 PM

Energreen is a recommendable company with a customer service that gives a perfect follow-up. A team of highly skilled installers who provides a neat and fast work. Two words: THANKS and BRAVO. It is now the sun who's working.

Marc Verwilghen 4

June 25

We are delighted with our photovoltaic panels and the service provided by Energreen. Our Qualiwatt record is not yet finalized but I am confident for the rest ... Do not hesitate, it's always a pleasure to see the counter turn backward.'

Kry Philippart 5

March 15

Today, 3 years of production: 5430 kwh per year on average for a production estimated at the time at 4625 kwh with 16 panels. Beautiful perf, no worries. Very nice installation. I called Energreen twice for web related issues. Solutions provided immediately.