Frequently asked questions


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Too good to be true?

Compensations from the Region? What is it about?

The Brussels Region rewards the production of green energy with production subsidies called Green Certificates (CV). A CV is an immaterial title granted for each MWh of green energy produced. This stock has an economic value and can be sold on specialized market places.
For those who are passionate about it:
For an installation of 5 kWp (kilowatt-peak) or less: per MWh (= 1000 KWh) produced by your photovoltaic system, you will receive 3 green certificates.
For an installation of more than 5 kWp: per MWh produced by your photovoltaic installation, you will receive 2.4 green certificates.
These green certificates will be granted to you for 10 years. The current average price of a CV hovers around 83 EUR.
To sell CVs, you must contact an electricity supplier active in the Brussels Region or an intermediary. Then you have to complete the transaction on the BRUGEL extranet, the site of the Energy Regulatory Commission in Brussels.

It looks too good to be true! What are the guarantees?

In addition to our contractual obligations, Skysun and Energreen are two different companies. Skysun makes the investment, Energreen installs and carries out the maintenance. If one of the two companies is no longer able to fulfill its commitments, the other will still be bound by the contract and will find a buyer for the commitments of the company defaulting. In short, you do not take financial risks and the risk of default of companies is diversified to the maximum. What more? For legal details please consult the contracts delivered by hand during the technical visit.

Who is behind HelloSun?

HelloSun is a commercial partnership between Energreen, a historic player in solar energy in Belgium, and SkySun, a Brussels-based environmental start-up. Energreen takes care of the installation and the equipment, SkySun takes care of the third investment. BNP Paribas Fortis Bank gives us the necessary money to invest in the system. The Brussels Region supports us by financing the Green Certificates granted by BRUGEL after verification by an independent body.

How do you do not to lose money?

We have the opportunity to carry out this activity thanks to scaling up. Ordering a large number of panels at once allows us to reduce the cost. We make the business profitable through the resale of Green Certificates.

I heard that there were no more green certificates. How do you do?

The Green Certificates system ended in Flanders and was greatly reduced in Wallonia a few years ago when these regions achieved their goals. This is not the case in the Brussels Region. Indeed, energy is a regional matter. The Brussels Region produces too little green energy to fulfill its contract with the European Union. Brussels lacks waterfalls and wind farms. The activities generating urban renewable electricity - solar and ... solar - are therefore still subsidized.

In Wallonia, people have been tricked. Would we take the same risk?

Abuses were committed in Wallonia via a mechanism called the "third-party payer". The end customer agreed to take out a loan to finance an installation, against the engagement of the installer to repay the funding through subsidies from the Walloon Region. But a large part of the companies that have used this system went bankrupt, leaving their customers with a loan to repay and devalued Walloon green certificates. If you still hear of ongoing practices of this kind, please contact us! We will alert the authorities to regularize the situation. HelloSun does not ask you for any initial investment and takes the full financial risk. You are at the heart of our action. We do everything we can to help you make the green transition without cold sweats. Your only financial commitment, the production guarantee of €10 per month, is not even an investment for it directly depends on HelloSun's ability to make you save money.

What is the interest of the Brussels Region in this?

According international agreements signed by Belgium (COP21 among others), green energy production quotas are imposed on the Brussels Region. The Region faces variable fines depending on the difference between these quotas and the amount of green energy actually produced. In 2017, 7.8% of the energy mix should have come from renewable sources in the Brussels Region, less than 1% was delivered. We are so late ... #ClaimTheClimate

What does third-party investor mean? Another scam?

A third-party investor is an entity who makes an investment from which you get some benefit (here free energy). The third-party investor is paid by sharing the resources produced. In the Walloon scam, installers asked end customers to invest against the promise of repayment. We propose the opposite: HelloSun invests, pays itself back on green certificates, you enjoy the installation and everyone breathes a fresher air. Without cold sweat. Even the press talks about it: in french though...

I still have doubts

Why are not you free like your competitors?

In order to guarantee you a HQ service and real savings, we prefer to take out an all-risk insurance right away. It covers everything that could happen during our 10 years of collaboration. In case of glitch, no complications, no questions asked, everything is taken care of! We make the repairs within 3 days. Going through HelloSun means seeing in the long term by opting for a high quality and highly responsive service. For our own houses, we prefer security to free. We think we are not the only ones ...

Is there someone who comes on site to analyze the project or is it done by computer (satellite view)?

Once the compliance of your address is validated and after a phone call, one of our representatives will make an appointment to come on site.

Is the quote free?

Since it is not a purchase, there is no quote to speak of. You must not pay anything before signing the contract.

What is my interest?

You profit from a photovoltaic installation for only 120 € / year - a small fraction of what it is worth in reality. This one will offer you big savings of energy. You contribute to the ecological transition and you prepare a beautiful future for your grandchildren. A priceless gift, isn't it?


What is the technology?

Solar panels 240/5000
Longi Solar is a company producing panels for 18 years. The company is particularly famous for its technological advances. In 2018, Longi Solar broke a world record by taking out the most efficient panel ever produced.

On your roof, we will install the LR6-60-PE Black. It is a monocrystalline panel. Each panel has a nominal power of 300W. They are guaranteed 25 years.

Huawei offers with its SUN2000L, a product of outstanding quality, extremely resilient and resistant to any test. Key advantage of this product: it's battery ready.

If storage technologies are still unsatifying today, their future is radiant. SUN2000L inverters are warranted for 10 years.

Can I connect a battery to my solar panels?

Yes ! The inverter we install is "battery ready". If you actually want to install a battery for the first 10 years of your installation, you will need to notify HelloSun of this addition. It is mandatory to go through an authorized and recognized installer.

Energy savings

I'm interested, how much can I save?

An average household pays 0.21 ct / € per kWh of electricity. An HelloSun installation will produce 3000 to 4500 kWh per year on average. Your electric meter allows you to capture all this production when it turns in reverse. You can save up to 941 € / year. Savings from which you will deduct 120 € of guarantee. So, up to 821 € / year of savings without investment nor risk. #WinForLife.


I want to install panels with HelloSun, what are the next steps?

After a first contact, we check that your roof is well exposed and suitable for conversion. If it meets the conditions, we will present you the contract (4 pages) and make sure that everything is well understood. After signing, we give you a date of installation as soon as possible. The work itself will last one day, maximum.

When will my meter stop turning on reverse?

The green meter turning in reverse is called "prosumer compensation". This compensation should be abolished upon application of MIG6 ( MIG6 is expected by mid-2020. However, no precise date has yet been communicated for the Brussels region.

Charges / warranty

Free? And what do you do connection costs?

The connection costs are included in the HelloSun service. "No hidden costs" could be our motto. Though we saw more inspiring motto...

What covers your omnium insurance ?

  • 1. Reaction in 72 working hours max after receiving the request (coming from the customer) except in case of tsunami (case of force majeure). Support is available for any interventions.
  • 2. All spare parts, repair and / or replacement in the case of defective equipment due to obsolescence, an internal fault or any other defect covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • 3. The workforce to replace the defective material (independent of an external event).
  • 4. All administrative formalities with the competent authorities.
  • 5. Access to Energreen's support service.
  • 6. An annual verification of the installation based on the monitoring.

In case of a problem or failure of the installation?

Notify us! Intervention guaranteed within 72 hours (except in cases of force majeure).

What are the warranties on installation and hardware?

The guarantee contract is concluded for a period of 10 years. Throughout this period, the entire installation is covered = material + labor. In addition, the panels also offer a production guarantee of 25 years.


What are the selection criteria?

In short, to be selected, you have to

  • - Live in the Brussels region,
  • - Own the building,
  • - Have a roof allowing the installation of 8 to 16 solar panels, from 13 to 26m2

It's simple. The orientation, the roof structure and shadows will have an influence. The northern roof of a henhouse at the end of a dark courtyard will receive little or no sunlight. In contrast to a flat roof facing south without chimney or buildings nearby. The number of kWh produced will not be the same at all. Note that a technical validation by our experts will be necessary anyway.

Is it only for individuals?

Not at all. Small communities (non-profit organizations, cooperatives, businesses ...) can also apply. For roofs over 500 m2, contact Leopold from SkySun, it's a bit different.

I live in Wallonia, is there an offer of the same type?

Unfortunately no offer of this type is available in Wallonia. We are still working hard to develop a similar service.

I live in Flanders, is there an offer of the same type?

No offer of this type is currently available in Flanders. We are still working hard to develop a similar service.

What happens if I'm selling my house? (new owner)

In case of resale, you must inform the buyer of your "HelloSun obligations". He will be required to respect them just like you (10 € / month, remember? That's all). A clause is provided in the contract so that nothing is in your name after resale. The new owner will continue to benefit from a reduced electricity bill. Your property will get more value thanks to our investment and will get a better Energy Efficiency rating ...

What happens if the owner dies?

In case of death, your heir will have to take back the few "HelloSun" obligations (in fact, nothing more than the 10 € / month of omnium guarantee). A clause is included in the contract to ease the transition.

Who takes charge of the administrative procedures and the related costs? (change of meter, declaration of the installation with Brugel, etc.)

No action is required from you. HelloSun takes care of the paperwork. Your only charge: 10 € per month of omnium warranty.

And what happens after 10 years (end of the green certificates) ?

After 10 years, we give you the installation for 1 euro. You become the full owner. It also means that you can manage it as you see fit: you are free to contract an insurance for the remaining lifetime of your installation. HelloSun will no longer be your faithful intermediary. All good things come to an end!

In the case of co-ownership: how does it work?

In case of co-ownership, the request must be presented to the General assembly in order to avoid any problems. From there all solutions are possible. Note that an installation is linked to a single meter.

  • Scenario 1:
    - The co-ownership grants the right of installation to a single owner. It is therefore linked to the individual meter (private), which will have no impact on other owners.
  • Scenario 2:
    - Several owners are willing to install panels on the roof of the building for their respective consumption. In this case, it will be necessary to check the availability of the surface of the entire roof. And connect to each individual network meter.
  • Scenario 3:
    - The installation concerns the commons. The installation will then be connected to the common meter. Low immediate benefit and it is not sure that there is enough consumption to apply (minimum consumption of 3000 kWh).