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The HelloSun offer is now closed.

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HelloSun = Energreen + SkySun

Savings for you, cleaner air for Brussels

Sea levels are rising, new animal species are going extinct every day, and the air in our cities is getting harder to breathe. Humankind is faced with an unprecedented challenge: that of global warming. How can we reduce our carbon emissions when our society is in desperate need of energy?

Hello Sun, Brussels is shining

Hello Sun was born from Léopold, Arthur – co-founders of Skysun – and Alexis' – director of Energreen – shared desire to give Brussels and its inhabitants the opportunity to convert to solar energy, panic-free.

Although it's clean and sustainable, converting to solar energy often appears expensive, complex and risky. Hello Sun is here to lift these barriers and help you benefit from the Brussels Region's grant offer: a collaborative solution combining everyone's assets. Your roof, our photovoltaic know-how, and the Region's green certificates. Risks are reduced and the fruits are shared equitably.

We are firm believers in decentralised means of production and energy self-sufficiency. We're doing everything we can to give everyone access.

Hello Sunis one of the building blocks towards a greener, more breathable and more sustainable city.

LĂ©opold Coppieters

Co-founder of SkySun. Environment champion. LĂ©opold develops and presents our business solutions.

Arthur Dawans

Co-founder of SkySun. Rigorous and concerned for our country's future energy, Arthur oversees the financial side of our operations.

Alexis Vander Putten

Managing Director of Energreen, a key player in green energy production in Europe.

Harness the sun's energy

8 to 16 solar panels on your roof, installed at our expense

  • Green electricity

  • Administrative support

  • 10 years' follow-up and maintenance

  • A greener city

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