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The HelloSun offer is now closed.

Would you still like to make the most of your roof and invest in a photovoltaic installation for sustainable energy? 👉 Go to to request your offer/quote.
The visit of our representative is free of charge and allows you to benefit from an offer that is 100% personalised and adapted to your needs.

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I want solar panels

B2B: Skysun

Harness the power of the sun!

Give a boost to the renewables in Brussels. Join the fight to make Belgium meets its international commitments


Have a large rooftop? Or many buildings in Brussels?

We rent your roof in the Brussels Region to install photovoltaïc pannels. You are the first end-consumer of the generated electric power, which means you have smaller - or no - electricity bills to pay.

696 tons of C02 less per year

Starting last year, we have already installed 1780 pannels and are waiting to install the next 5000 in the coming months. It equals about 700 installations on individual home roofs. Thousands of photovoltaïc pannels on large roofs in Brussels. En 2019, Skysun will power 1000 Brussels households for the whole year.

Our partners:

  • Basic fit,
  • AGRE,
  • Elis Belgium,
  • Velu-vins.