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Your photovoltaic panels and inverters

Over the years, Energreen has selected products that meet the highest quality standards, offering exceptional efficiency and robustness.

Panneaux solaire Longi Solar 300W
Solar panels

Longi Solar 300W

Longi Solar is a company that produces panels for 18 years. The company is best known for its technological advantage. In 2018 Longi Solar broke a world record by removing the most efficient panel ever produced.

On your roof, we will use the LR6-60-PE Black. It is a panel that benefits from monocrystalline technology. Each panel has a nominal power of 300W. They are guaranteed for 25 years.

NB: Depending on the availability of the stock, we may offer you a higher quality or equivalent panel without this having an impact on our offer.


Huawei SUN2000L

The inverter is one of the main components of a photovoltaic system. It converts the direct current produced by the panels into alternating current, that is, the current used by the Belgian electricity grid.

Huawei SUN2000L is a very practical, quality inverter. Both very efficient and aesthetically pleasing, it can readily hold a battery with its purpose-built, integrated plug-in facility. Designed for the long-term!

Onduleur Huawei Sun 2000 L
Production follow-up


Once your photovoltaic unit is installed, you'll be given details of a monitoring account that will enable you to connect to

This account lets you track your panels' energy production in real-time via internet, wherever you are in the world. This service is available on all electronic devices fitted with a web browser.

monitoring assistance

Harness the sun's energy

8 to 16 solar panels on your roof, installed at our expense

  • Green electricity

  • Administrative support

  • 10 years' follow-up and maintenance

  • A greener city

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